Initiatives & Activities

Courtenay Breakfast Club

The school provides a complimentary Breakfast Club that commences at 8.00am each day.

Breakfast Club is free and accessible to all students enrolled in the school. In Breakfast Club the children meet to eat, chat and socialise together in our Assembly Hall.

After-School Facility

Aoife McCarthy manages an onsite after-school programme at Courtenay School every day from 1.10pm – 6.00pm.

For inquiries, please contact Aoife McCarthy at (087) 760 3894.


As per the Arts curriculum, music is taught in all classes.

Additionally, in-school group music classes take place every Friday for pupils from 3rd to 6th in the school assembly hall.

During these group lessons, students learn songs and tin–whistle tunes.

Our students perform at various school functions throughout the year and participate in many musical performances including, school Masses, concerts, carol singing and busking events.

Our music group enjoy visits to St. Ita’s Hospital where they entertain patients and staff with their talents.

Chess Club

Courtenay Chess Club is a free after school activity available to children from 3rd – 6th class.

Courtenay Chess Club is ran and organised by Mr. Shepherd and Mr. Sheridan, every Wednesday from 2.10pm – 3.00pm.

Games & Active Movement

At Courtenay National School we encourage sport, fitness and movement for all. We have an indoor Sports Hall to facilitate physical education classes all year round.

As part of the PE curriculum, we provide our pupils with exposure to a range of activities; including gymnastics, athletics, badminton, basketball, dodgeball rounders and many more fun and movemnet games. 

Every year our 5th class participate in a Cycle Safety Training Course with Cycle Right.

The school is fortunate to have the Limerick Greenway situated nearby which serves as a safe and convenient route for class cycling trips and walks. Our special classes access the Greenway for sensory walks.

Swimming lessons are organised for our senior classes in the local swimming pool.

Our school regularly organises trips to Liskennett Equine Assisted Activity Centre. Liskeenett is an excellent service for children with additional needs. Our students enjoy the calm of the centre and experience of horse-riding.

Our Gaelic football and hurling teams participate in Cumann na mBunscoil each year. Our school’s reputation on the GAA field is highly regarded and the school continues to promote participation in our national games. Core work training and hurling skills training with George Fitzgibbon is facilitated in school every Thursday for classes from Junior Infants – 4th class.
Tuesday, after-school Gaelic Football training with Mr. Cunningham & Anthony for 4th class.
Wednesday, after-school Gaelic Football training with Mr. Devine & Mr. Ruddle for 3rd class.

Soccer training is offered to 5th & 6th class with Mr. Cunningham. Soccer teams participate in organised soccer leagues and 5-a side soccer competitions during the year.

Rugby after- school training with Mr. Sheridan is offered to for 5th & 6th class. Classes participate in Tag-Rugby tournaments organised by the local club.

Creative Schools

The Creative School’s initiative put the arts and creativity at the heart of children’s and young people’s lives. The Creative School’s Committee places our students’ voices at centre of the initiative and the creative workshops.

In line with the Arts curriculum classes engage and learn new skills incorporating all the Arts subjects of Drama, Visual Arts and Music as well as including STEM learning through Videography and Green Screen introduction, Stop Motion Animation and Coding workshops.


In line with the Primary Mathematics Curriculum, Mr. Shepherd facilitates coding classes for 5th & 6th children.

The children use Scratch as a platform to advance their coding skills and develop their creation of games.

Active School Week

Exploring the Desemne, the Limerick Greenway and a game of tennis! 4th class enjoying afterschool tennis practise with Mr. Nash and Mr. Ruddle. Mr. Curtin with his the class, out and about in the Desemen in Newcastle West recently.

Courtenay Kings Chess Team compete at Féile Fichille Final!

Courtenay Kings Chess Team compete at Féile Fichille Final!

We extend heartfelt congratulations to the Courtenay Kings Chess Team for their excellent performance in the Féile Fichille Competition final at Scoil Idé in Corbally Wednesday, April 10th 2024. Courtenay Kings Chess Team Zach Hayes, Max IIco, Dylan O’ Keeffe, Blazej...

FAI 5-A Side Soccer Tournament

A group of 22 boys from 5th and 6th class participated in a soccer tournament in Corbally. 5th and 6th class boys line out for Courtenay NS in the FAI 5 a-side Soccer Tournament. Courtenay Boys who participated in the FAI 5-a side Soccer Tournament in Corbally....

Creative Schools

The children had a wonderful time as part of our Creative Schools Initiative 2024. Thanks to Mr. Shepherd (STEM), Emmett Kelly (Drama), Dance Teacher Jean O'Donoghue and Mrs. O'Donovan for organising all the activities. The Creative Schools Initiative will continue...